Sleep disorders : the “turnista” as a trade at risk

Sleep disorders : what are the psychological causes
November 22, 2017
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Sleep disorders : the “turnista” as a trade at risk

The sleep disorders experienced by the shift workers are really unpleasant. The point is that these people because of their lifestyle completely turn the clock upside down. If, for example, their professional activity follows rotating shifts, they are also forced to change the times for going to sleep. Many find themselves in this way could have closed your eyes, when they succeed, the morning with the hassle of course the light solar. A recent survey found that night shift workers sleep about 3-4 hours less than the average.

These people are found to be easily irascible, nervous and above all stressed: all these factors necessarily cause considerable sleep disorders. When they wake up, night workers hardly feel rested, this is due to the quality of their sleep that is lower than those who live more regularly. Obviously the degree of insomnia varies from person to person: in fact there are those who suffer the most and those less, much depends on the body. There are also those types that adapt to the situation without experiencing any annoyance.

It has been shown that about 5% of the population is affected by this problem. It is said that sleep disorders in turnists tend to diminish over time. The point is that those who sleep badly and little can be not only subject to road accidents, but also to heart problems, obesity and even heart attack. How can you ease this fluctuating rhythm of sleep and wake and discover the tricks to fall sleep well? Surely a balanced diet can help and not just. A wrong and above all heavy nutrition, on the other hand, is a deterrent for the shift worker.

To effectively combat sleep disorders, these people must start to consume more fruits and vegetables, eliminating carbonated drinks, those that are too sweet and alcohol, which makes it difficult to rest. Consumption of cereals, rice and whole carbohydrates is also recommended. It is suggested, among other things, the use of supplements based on melatonin : the latter is a natural substance that can help to rebalance the body thus creating a state of intense well-being. Melatonin is also widely used by travelers because it is able to significantly alleviate the effects of jet-lag.

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