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The sleep disorders experienced by the shift workers are really unpleasant. The point is that these people because of their lifestyle completely turn the clock upside down. If, for example, their professional activity follows rotating shifts, they are also forced to change the times for going to sleep. Many find themselves in this way could have closed your eyes, when they succeed, the morning with the hassle of course the light solar. A recent survey found that night shift workers sleep about 3-4 hours less than the average.

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The trouble sleeping sometimes turn into a real torment. A difficult sleep can in fact negatively affect one’s lifestyle until the subject is completely devoid of energy to face the day. The resulting causes can be multiple, such as an inadequate diet, an incorrect lifestyle, or a large dose of stress that causes irritability and nervousness.

The main antagonist of melatonin is orexin , a substance that is produced in the presence of light and that serves to maintain the waking state. Among other substances that serve to hinder sleep , histamine is present and this explains why one of the side effects of antihistamines is drowsiness. In the presence of light, therefore, the human body tends to stay awake while in the dark the factors that lead to sleep are activated. This mechanism, precisely because it is very varied and involves several factors, can be hindered in many ways. For example, breathing disorders cause insomnia and force people to wake up several times in the night.

Very often, in fact, these triggering causes can be psychological in nature. Most of the disorders are associated with mood swings , which cause a state of constant restlessness that, if not kept under control, pours into sleep . Taking a long rest, therefore, becomes almost impossible. This complication can also affect the working environment, causing a lowering of their ability to learn and concentrate .
These can be disorders related to one’s personality, since very often the triggering cause is a real sense of anxiety . The moment you relax in bed, the brain continues to process the thoughts also depending on the situations experienced during the day. This can give rise to a real “vortex” of tension that takes the upper hand on its psychophysical state when it is time for rest. Being able to sleep then becomes a difficult task or there may be cases in which one wakes up during sleep and being able to go back to sleep becomes practically impossible.